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With the demand for sustainable packaging constantly increasing, the discussion surrounding sustainable packaging becomes increasingly complex. Gone are the days when simply using recyclable materials is considered sustainable packaging. Sustainable packaging has become more holistic, including processes such as logistics and supply chain, and it must do all of this without sacrificing performance.

Felins is here to simplify the sustainable packaging conversation. Ultrasonic banding is a form of right-size packaging. This means that it uses the least possible amount of material to effectively package the product while maximizing performance. Therefore, it reduces waste and maximizes pallet space without sacrificing production line speeds or the effectiveness of the packaging.

In addition to ultrasonic banding, another packaging technology that we offer is tying. Our tying technology is what we were founded on, and we’ve spent 100 years perfecting that technology. The Pak-Tyer tying machine is incredibly easy to use, and it uses even less material than ultrasonic banding. It’s perfect for bundling bunches of flowers, tying cable coils, and just about anything else that you can think of.

Contact us today so we can simplify your sustainable packaging conversation. To learn more about the new age of sustainable packaging, check out this article from PMMI.

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