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Are you looking to revolutionize the way you package produce and get rid of plastic? We have innovative solutions that can help you meet consumer demands and enhance your sustainability! In today's world of minimizing the amount of plastic used in packaging, we're excited to introduce a form of packaging that eliminates plastic on produce and differentiates your brand from other products on the shelf.

Banded Apples - Food Packaging


We have many different solutions designed to work well with packaging apples and other produce, or with any kind of tray, bundle, or box. Our sustainable produce packaging machinery uses tension and ultrasonic technology to secure your products. No heat, no glues or adhesives, no stickers! We know freshness is important to our customers. There is never any heat that is transferred into your product or into the room where the banding is applied.  Since we don't use any adhesives or stickers, there isn't any debris or dirt building up on your product during transport or while on display at the retailer. Best of all, the labels are earth-friendly. We offer recyclable and compostable materials, that are also frustration-free and easily removable for your customers. 

Banded Apples - Food Packaging | Felins, Inc.

Our food packaging machinery comes in standard, custom, semi-automated, and fully automated styles and are FDA and USDA approved, with options for live, inline printers for variable, time-sensitive data as well. 

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