Felins’ Multipacking Solutions


From laundry to pharmaceuticals, Felins has the perfect multipacking solution for nearly any application, with each solution offering unique benefits.


Multipacking with Shrink Wrapping 

For any industry that prioritizes cleanliness with its multipacks, such as the laundry industry, shrink wrapping is a very suitable solution. Air-tight plastic film will ensure that no dirt, debris, or dust contaminates a clean product. Our machinery is either semi-automatic or fully automatic, helping you increase throughput if you’re currently wrapping by hand. Additionally, Felins shrink wrapping solutions provide a clean and transparent finish that allows for a great display of your product. 



Multipacking with Ultrasonic Banding

As the most elite form of bundling, ultrasonic banding is an excellent multipacking solution. The machine automatically sizes the band to the products, allowing the user to continuously band different sized multipacks without changeover. Ultrasonic banding is also perfect for club packing, for stores like Costco and Sam’s Club, as it looks great while increasing throughput.



To read more on tips for selecting the right multipacking equipment for you, check out this page by PMMI.

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