Corner Line Automatic Banding System

 Secure various sized products in one production line!


Do you have different sized products that need to be secured for packaging or transportation?  The corner-line ultrasonic banding machine bands different size stacks, pushes them gently through, squares them and then bands them with a gentle paper or plastic strap.  No damage is done to printed material so there is no waste. 


This machine is best used for cut and stack items, cosmetic or nonwoven puffs, credit cards, post cards and other delicate and varried sized bundles.


A digital measuring system automatically sizes each bundle and then automatically bands with the ultra-sonic weld. Bring different sized products together off two or three production lines for efficiency, even if stacks are different sizes and widths the automatic corner line banding machine will bundle your stacks with ease.



 Why Banding?

  • No damage means less waste
  • Automation uses less labor
  • Banding uses less raw material


If you have the same size products coming off a cutter, you may be interested in this machine:  Narrow Web or LBMMS Automatic Banding Machine.

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