Case Study: Model Linen

Packaging for surgical gowns
Company Details
Model Linen Supply
Ogden, UT


Family-owned and operated, Model Linen Supply opened its doors in Ogden, Utah in 1917. Since, the company has grown to supply hospitality linens, uniforms, medical linens and janitorial and sanitary supplies throughout Utah, southeast Idaho and southern Wyoming, processing 500,000 pounds of laundry weekly. 
With three full-time employees hand-wrapping linen bundles, Plant Manager Matt Toliver was looking for a more efficient solution that would help lower costs associated with worker injury. Since Model Linen handles many different sized bundles, however, he was skeptical that he’d find a solution to meet their needs.



After learning about the many bundling solutions available, Matt knew an automated solution would best accommodate Model Linen’s variety of products.
He visited Felins’ booth at the Clean show and worked with our team to identify the automated shrink wrapping system to be installed at the company’s facility in Ogden.
To meet and exceed their throughput goals, the system they selected needed to automatically convey, wrap and shrink bundles throughout the facility.
Once installed, the Model Linen Supply team collaborated with Feins technicians to customize the shrink wrapping system to effectively handle the unique requirements of the industrial laundry.



After installation, Matt and his team closely monitored the system and were amazed with the results. In fact, they found the system was able to effectively wrap more than 18 variable sized bundles per minute (1,080 per hour!). 

1,080 bundles per hour

After 10 years, Model Linen Supply’s machine is still in use, allowing the supplier to provide its customers with clean, quality bundles. “It’s easy to keep running, with minimal maintenance,” says Matt. “This is a remarkable machine. It will wrap whatever you put through it. It handles different sized bundles with ease,” he explains. 

Even after all this time, Matt says he’ll “...still order the shrink film from Felins because i know it works the best.”



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