Why sustainable packaging?

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According the U.S. Census Bureau, the Millennial generation made up more than 25 percent of the nation’s population in 2015. Yes, you read correctly, the U.S. was more than one quarter Millennial! And what do Millennials want? Sustainability.

In industries, such as food, where millennials are a key target demographic, this data is critical. In fact, almost 75 percent of millennials are willing to pay MORE for products that promote sustainability. If that statistic alone isn’t enough to encourage you to make your products and operations more sustainable, don’t worry. We have a few more (of many!) reasons why sustainability helps people, our planet, and your profit.



We’ve all ordered something online that arrived with an unnecessary amount of packaging – tons of empty space filled with extra packing peanuts, air bags and corrugated separators that all go to waste. Consumers have been so dissatisfied that, from 2009 to 2017, Amazon received 33 MILLION packaging-related comments, photographs, and ratings. 33 million. That’s too many unsatisfied customers disposing heaps of packaging that ends up in nearby landfills. This excess packaging has not only lead to poor press but has also deterred consumers from making repeat purchases.



Over the last 100 years, over 80 percent of America’s Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) – aka garbage – has been landfilled. How much is that? Well, in 2014, 258 MILLION TONS of MSW filled up our landfills, nearly one quarter of which was packaging waste. We cannot afford to continue to fill our planet’s open land with trash. Some states have become so frustrated with this issue that they have implemented regulations promoting sustainable solutions and acting against packaging waste.



Large, influential companies have realized the negative effects of excess packaging and are making strides to prevent waste. Not just for themselves but suppliers, distributors and consumers alike. Walmart, for example, may start to refuse products from suppliers whose packaging isn’t sustainably designed with minimal waste. Their request is simple: while it’s nearly impossible to have zero packaging waste, suppliers should use recycled and recyclable material when designing product packaging. Not only does will new regulation benefit Walmart and their consumers but you as a supplier too. Why? Because excess waste means excess cost in every step of the supply chain.

Sustainable packaging is an easy, and important, switch you should consider making.  Our sustainable alternatives, including paper and plastic banding, provide bundling solutions that will help not only your customers and our planet but your company’s profit too.


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