Why strap when you can band?

banding versus strapping


For decades, strapping machines have been used as a primary source of bundling. But, with the introduction of banding, bundling has been revolutionized. The main reason?


It’s the difference that stands out from the rest. Destroyed edges, ripped corners, and irreversible damage are an unfortunate result of strapping as material becomes too constricted when bundling. 

If you’re still strapping, you know the damage we’re talking about. Your machines run overtime to compensate for the lost product from strapping damage on the top and bottom of each bundle, struggling to find a better solution.  But there is one...



Ultrasonic banding technology eliminates the damage due to strapping while still doing the job you intended to do. ATS banding machines sense when the banding material touches the product bundle and use ultrasonic technology to weld the material together. This ensures the band will have a firm hold on the product without constricting too much and causing damage.

ATS banding machines are available as stand-alone machines with varying arch sizes as well as fully automated systems. These systems can be loaded manually or from an automated stacking system. Once loaded, the systems will align the stack on all sides before banding the bundle creating the tightest possible bundle without any damage – every time. 

Even more, all ATS ultra-sonic banding machines have a digital operator interface.  From user settings including band length and tension control to easy-to-understand diagnostic and statistical tools, the interface makes machine operation simple.

If you’re simply looking to keep your bundles together, then both strapping and banding will work for you. But, if your goal is to bundle your products without any damage while ensuring you have the tightest bundle for transit, banding is your solution.

banded printed products

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