What is shrink wrapping?

shrink wrapping material and machine


We all know shrink wrapping is a great alternative to bagging and hand wrapping and has been transforming bundling in industries such as laundry. But what exactly is it? 

Shrink wrap is a transparent film that protects bundles from dirt and debris while still showcasing the product. Not only does this form of bundling eliminate bottlenecks and reduce labor costs, automatic and semi-automatic machines can process products of varying size without changeover and provide continuous motion for high-speed applications.


How does shrink wrapping work? 

It’s an easy four-step process:

  1. Plastic shrink wrap is wrapped around the stacked product
  2. The material is cut and sealed around the product
  3. Wrapped bundle is pushed into the heat tunnel
  4. Heat from the tunnel inflates the plastic material which then shrinks around the product making a tight and secure bundle.

It may sound complex but, in reality, these machines are extraordinarily easy to operate. If you’re interested in eliminating all manual operation, products can be automatically conveyed into the shrink wrappers and heat tunnels without operator assistance. 


Why use shrink wrap? 

In industries like laundry, once an item has been cleaned, you cannot risk it getting dirty again, making stacking and transporting extremely difficult. Employees must use the utmost caution while handling products since even the smallest speck of dirt calls for rewashing which quickly wastes time and money.

Shrink wrapping helps to eliminate this problem. Since bundles are completely covered and sealed, it becomes very difficult for dirt or filth to reach the product. As the search to find a trusted form of packaging that will increase PPOH by minimizing rework and dependency on labor becomes increasingly difficult, shrink wrap is here to revolutionze laundry and many more industries! 

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