How to build and maintain a strong company culture

company culture


Have you ever stumbled on a company’s “About Us” page when browsing their website and thought “Wow, this sounds like an incredible place to work!” only to receive insider information about how miserable their employees are? I know I have.

At Felins, we understand a healthy culture is what can make or break employee morale and, as a result, company success. That’s why we’ve dedicated time and energy to develop a strong culture that lives beyond our “About Us” page. How? Well… whether you’re just starting or looking to improve your culture, consider a few of our tried and trues:


Understand your values

Your core values are just that... the core of your culture. Just like your overall business goals, make sure your company’s values are relevant and attainable.


Write it down

What type of culture do you want to create? Traditional? Team-oriented? Dynamic? Consider these five culture types and write down your vision. This will prevent miscommunication or distortion of your goals once they’ve been shared with the company.

Receive input

Be open; let your employees ask questions and express their concerns. You’ll be more successful in implementation if your employees know their thoughts and opinions are heard and valued.

Be vocal

Once you’ve defined your values and cultural goals, be sure to keep them at the forefront. Talk about them during your hiring process, in one-on-ones, and at all-employee meetings. Be consistent and positive and you’ll be more likely to evoke excitement among your employees.

Set an example

Encourage upper management to not only accept but fully live your culture. The rest of your team will be more inclined to follow suit if they’re motivated by their leaders.

Accept push-back while setting expectations

Not everyone is comfortable with change. In fact, some are adamantly against it. Be sure to set a standard of expectations for all employees and be consistent in your feedback to the whole team.

Recognize employee accomplishments

Your employees will thrive and feel more valued if you acknowledge their successes.

Make it fun

Culture should never be forced. Make it fun, make it exciting, and you’ll quickly make it true.  


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