Felins IPPE 2022 Recap

IPPE 2022 - Felins booth showcases small print automation and fully automated adhesive free labeling systems and automatic sleevers


The International Production & Processing Expo usually always takes place in January, making it the first show of the year for us and many other exhibitors. The Felins team landed in Atlanta, GA for IPPE 2022 and we were excited to be back. The last IPPE show we exhibited was in January of 2020, right before travel halted in March of 2020. Unfortunately, the 2021 show was cancelled thus making the 2022 show the first time back at the IPPE in-person event.

The IPPE show is an annual tradeshow displaying technology, equipment, supplies and services used in the production and processing of eggs, poultry, meat. It’s the world’s largest for the poultry, meat and feed industries. As a partner for packaging in the poultry and meat industries, Felins fittingly exhibited in the BC Hall, a section of the show dedicated specifically to Meat & Poultry Processing/Packaging.

IPPE 2022 - Felins Booth


At the Felins booth, we showcased a variety of samples including thermoformed meats, sausages, trays, clamshells, bagged jerky, tubs and containers, and more. All of these primary packaging samples were banded with our Adhesive Free Labeling and Automatic Sleeving solutions.

On demonstration, we had an Automated Stacker and Bander running with packs of sausage. View the video below!

We also had several of our small footprint automation machines in our booth banding shingle packs of bacon, trussing chickens, and labeling snack trays. These are always fun to demonstrate because we really enjoy showing food manufacturers how easy it is to eliminate manual processes on their meat packing lines. By removing the process of hand labeling or manual sleeving, this results in faster throughput and less labor-intensive processes.



We were also happy to chat with current customers and industry contacts, hearing what everyone had to say about their outlook on the future of tradeshows in the meat and poultry industry, as well as current trends in the industry itself. These conversations are always extremely important and insightful.

Lisa Barrieau, Banding Sales Manager for the Food Industry here at Felins, has been working with many food manufacturers, seafood and meat packaging companies, snack companies, and produce farms for years. Staying up to date on current and future trends, industry pain points, and working with companies to solve bottlenecks in their production line is where she comes in.  Lisa even has a YouTube series where she educates hundreds of viewers on common forms of labeling, sleeving and packaging methods in the food industry. Lisa’s main focus has been on sustainable secondary packaging methods with the use of recyclable paper and plastic labels, adhesive free labeling, and automatic sleeving.

IPPE 2022 - Felins Booth - Lisa with Material Display for Adhesive Free Labeling


Our team also bonded through family dinners over the course of our stay in Atlanta. The city of Atlanta has a great food scene, with many highly-recommended restaurants and bars to choose from. We would be remiss to not give some of them a try! We enjoyed a fantastic Felins Family dinner at Pricci, a restaurant specializing in Italian cuisine. Each night was a memorable way to not only discuss what we all learned at the show but to spend quality time together. Overall, IPPE was a great learning experience and a very insightful point for us this year as we take a look at the future of the food industry and tradeshows.

IPPE 2022 - Felins Team Dinner at Pricci

Our next show will be MODEX 2022, also located in Atlanta, GA at the Georgia World Congress Center. The MODEX 2022 tradeshow will run from March 28th through March 31st, 2022. Read more about it here. We’d love to see you there!



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