6 Signs That You Should Invest in Automation

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Is your company reaching its desired throughput? Experiencing errors caused by humans? Having issues attracting and retaining employees? Having workers complete tasks that are repetitive?

Knowing when it’s time to change from manual labor to automation is a difficult task. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be time to invest in packaging automation.


1. You’re not reaching your desired throughput

Inherently, humans aren’t as quick as machines. With a manually run production line, products can only be processed while someone is working. With automation, production can continue without direct supervision. Not only can automation keep your production line moving, but they can complete the process quicker than manual processes!


2. Human Error

Workers don’t intentionally make mistakes, but they still happen. These errors can be costly and timely. It’s easy for humans to make mistakes when completing tasks under tight deadlines and high stress. To meet a deadline, a worker may skip a step ultimately causing a defect. But with automation, a process will run effortlessly and will run the same way every time.  With fewer mistakes made, less time and money will be spent fixing defects from human error.


3. Labor Shortage

Unemployment is currently at the lowest level since 1969 — which makes quality labor difficult to find. Many companies are having difficulties attracting, motivating and retaining talent. Currently, there are more open positions than people looking for work. Nearly every industry now has a labor shortage, and employers are having a harder time filling blue-collar positions than professional positions that require a college education.  While automation won’t likely eliminate your dependency upon manual labor, it can help significantly reduce it.


4. Workers are completing repetitive tasks

Much of the work that can be completed by automation is tedious and repetitive. Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs) are the fastest growing occupational injury. Jobs that requires employees to repeatedly perform the same manual tasks put your workers at risk for developing an RSI. Workers completing these tasks can be repurposed into positions that can’t be automated, allowing for a more meaningful, and safe work experience.


5. High Turnover

With it being an employee market, many workers are leaving their current positions to find more meaningful work where they experience less stress, burnouts, or maybe boredom. An increasing population needs more products and services, and overworking employees can cause burnout—especially when the work is not meaningful. Machines don’t get bored and can help reduce turnover from these mundane positions.


6. Rising Costs

Whether it’s from overtime, hiring additional personnel, rising labor rates, increases in health insurance, or expenses associated with poor quality, growing companies are experiencing rising costs. Labor is becoming more expensive every day. With a very low unemployment rate and an increase in minimum wage and health insurance, labor-intensive positions are becoming too costly to maintain. And when experiencing high turnover, hiring new employees is also an expensive process. Automation is a flat fee, that pays for itself after it is implemented.


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