4 Steps to Improving Your End-line Laundry Bundling System

laundry bundling


Commercial laundries are constantly working to improve efficiency and challenge existing PPOH. But, we know it can be difficult to find a solution that meets every need and is flexible enough to accommodate different products within the same facility. That’s why we encourage you to follow these four steps to find the solution that best meets your bundling needs.


1. Analyze

Take a moment to step back and analyze your current productivity. What is your throughput? Are you meeting PPOH goals? Do you constantly need to re-bundle product because it’s falling off your line or your material is breaking or ripping?

Determine your areas for improvement and understand why you’re experiencing inefficiencies before searching for solutions. 


2. Automate

If you can’t keep up with PPOH demands or are hoping to optimize your current throughput, consider bundling automation. Regardless of the technology – tying, shrink wrapping, banding – there are automated laundry systems that can minimize, and possibly eliminate, machine downtime that results from manual operation.

Introducing automation to your packaging line can also significantly reduce costs over the long-term. These automated laundry systems are capable of thousands more cycles than stand-alone machines and require less frequent service. So, since little-to-no manual operation is required, you can save on service AND labor costs.

In fact, automation has proven to significantly reduce workman’s injury claims and associated costs since workers can focus on other, less physically demanding tasks.


3. Multi-task

Once you’ve entered the world of automation, your options are nearly limitless. So, rather than having individual packaging lines for different products, combine them into one!

If you don’t think it’s possible since you use two different technologies (e.g. shrink-wrapping linens and tying towels), think again! Automated systems can be combined into one line to optimize efficiency, PPOH, and space used in your facility.


4. Control

You’ve finally found the perfect system! It’s automated and combines the technologies you need to effectively bundle your products. But, you have one big concern. With several incline conveyors feeding the main line conveyor, how will you control the flow of products so stacks don’t fall and need to be rewashed, folded and stacked?

Our Traffic Control Master (TCM) is the solution. It senses when a bundle is on the main line conveyor and will pause all incline conveyors until the bundle has passed each sensor, preventing stacks from crashing into each other.



If you’re interested in learning more about our bundling solutions, including fully-automated laundry systems, give us a call at 800-843-5667! We’d love to help improve your efficiency, increase sustainability, and, ultimately, challenge your current PPOH. 

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