4 Benefits of Tying that You Didn’t Know About

Tying Machine


Tying has become essential to the bundling process in nearly every industry. So, why have tying machines become essential in industries such as food, mailing, laundry and floral? Because of the many benefits!


See the top 4 benefits of using tying machines below!

1. Most economical bundling method

When looking for an inexpensive way to bundle goods, tying is a great solution. The materials that are used in tying are less expensive compared to traditional options—our cheapest option is less than .1 cent per foot! Plus, tying uses minimal materials!


2. Reduces labor costs & increases productivity

Semi-automatic and fully-automatic tying machines are incredibly efficient (they can tie over 50 knots/minute).  In today’s market where labor is increasingly more expensive and harder to find, these machines minimize your labor needs and lets you use your valuable employees in areas where they can provide more benefit.


3. Ability to use a variety of materials

Twine, plastic, elastic, biodegradable, food grade material AND more! The options are endless when it comes to materials available for tying. And if your looking to use different tying materials for different products, materials can be switched with minimal adjustments!


4. Eliminates repetitive motion

By implementing a semi-automatic or fully automatic machine into your production line, employees no longer need to complete thoughtless, repetitive tasks that can lead to error and injury.


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