3 ways to safely and easily remove banding material

banding material


Ultrasonic banding is one of the most elite ways to bundle, especially when automated. But, the benefits of banding extend way beyond production line productivity. Among these benefits are safety and flexibility. Whether you’ve been struggling with high costs from worker injury or need to reduce time spent removing packaging material, banding can quickly address, improve and sometimes reverse your inefficiencies.

The flexibility of banding allows for three different ways to safely and easily remove each band.


1. Peeling

One of the most custom features of ultrasonic technology is weld strength. Depending on your application, welds can be strong enough to be nearly unbreakable or adjusted to be easily peeled. But, don’t worry; even with weaker welds, your products will still be held together!


2. Tearing

Paper banding material is a strong, cost-effective solution that can be manually torn. With paper, each band can be removed without the use of any sharp tools that can slip and cause injury to employees and damage to products.


3. Perforation

Quite possibly the easiest to remove is material with evenly-spaced perforations along the edge of the band. This material is extremely strong but can be quickly ripped across at each perforation, giving your customers several locations for removal.




So… what does this mean for you? Well, it means you can SAVE.

  • Save on tools to remove each band
  • Save on worker injury costs from using those dangerous tools
  • Save on time spent unbundling and customer complaints that products are too difficult to unpack
  • Save on product damage during the unpacking process
  • Save on solutions that don’t work


We’re passionate about banding and confident in its ability to adapt to nearly any application. If you need products unbundled quickly but have requirements or other constraints that prevent you from using one of these ways to remove material, don’t worry. Our job is to make your job easier, more efficient, and more sustainable. That’s why we’re constantly identifying new ways to optimize productivity and are happy to partner with you to find a solution that works best for your application. Just give us a call!

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