Banding Automation for Narrow Web



Placed just off the cutter, this label line banding machine automatically and gently moves 'cut-and-stack,' non-pressure sensitive labels along to the bander for safe and secure transporation anywhere.  


label-banding, securing labels with banding, automatic banding machine for narrow web or labels


The full lifts of labels are secured and able to be transported without falling, rolling, or damaging.  


This label bander - the ATS-LBM-MS - handles same size, unstable, narrow stacks of cut-and-stack labels with ease.  It is capable of moving and banding full lifts of hard to handle narrow web products.  


No more picking up label messes and tossing profits out the window.


See an illustration of how it works here:  LBMMS - Workflow Illustration 

                                                                 LBMMS - How it works video      

                                                                 LBMMS - Brochure                                                    


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