Advantages of Adhesive Free Labeling

Traditionally, when food products are labeled - adhesives, glues, or stickers are used to secure the label around the product. Adhesives, however, can attract unwanted dirt and debris toward the product, and they often do not use the most energy-efficient technology, resulting in the packaging solution using more energy.

However, with adhesive free labeling the label is applied automatically with the perfect amount of tension using a cold ultrasonic weld, rather than using heat or adhesives. As a result, this solution uses less energy than solutions that require heat, and it can also reduce material usage and increase recyclability, meeting the consumer demands for sustainability.



Adhesive free labeling is capable of accommodating a wide range of product shapes and sizes and offers paper, plastic, and preprinted banding material, so you can find the perfect solution for your product. Additionally, with technology such as inline variable data printing, these machines will continually be able to adapt to meet the consumer’s needs.

To learn more about what to consider when buying labeling machinery, check out this article from PMMI.

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