Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Sustainability of Banding 


Bundling with banding is a highly sustainable process and gives a return on the investment for the purchase othe banding equipment and consumable materials.  


People │ Planet │ Profit


People - 

  • Reduce repetitive motion for workers
  • Reduce labor needs
  • Removable with no sharp tools - reducing worker injury


Planet - 

  • Less material means less waste in landfills
  • Smaller packages means fewer trucks and fuel needs to get products to market
  • Lower carbon footprint of business    


Profit - 

  • Lower transportation costs
  • Reduce worker injury claims
  • No product damage (less scrap)
  • Increase product quality
  • Lower material (packaging) costs
  • Higher thru-put equals higher productivity
  • Elevated brand image
  • Better customer satisfaction


Why Sustainable Packaging?

Simple:  because consumers want to buy from companies that produce, ship, and sell products in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.  


In order to compete, these companies need to operate efficiently and eliminate waste in every aspect of their business. A recent article in the environmental LEADER quoted a study finding that 86% of Americans are more likely to trust a company that is sustainable.  


You can show your positive sustainable impact with a Felins’ solution.



What is Sustainable Packaging?

Sustainable packaging is efficiency.


  • It is packaging that reduces wasted materials such as corrugate but still protects the product from damage during shipping.
  • It is packaging that reduces costs and increases profits.
  • It is packaging that prevents injuries to workers by eliminating repetitive motion injuries, or the like.
  • It is packaging that saves time


Sustainable Display Ready Packaging

We’ve helped many companies find solutions.  One example is display ready packaging that:


  • Eliminated the need for box cutters and resultant injuries (people)
  • Reduced corrugate sent to landfills by 45% (planet)
  • Eliminated product damage from cutters and was display ready upon arrival (profit)






Why Felins? 

Because, our passion for creating alternative sustainable packaging solutions will help you meet the market criteria for both performance and cost.  We offer non-traditional bundling solutions that increase throughput, protect product quality and integrity and significantly reduce packaging material and labor cost for our customers worldwide.


Need to meet your sustainability goals?  Get started today.

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