LoopPlus - Table Top Strapping Machine

security bundling, strapping, currency
security bundling, unitizing, strapping, gowns
security bundling, unitizing, packaging for shipping, strapping, mailroom
security bundling, unitizing, packaging for shipping, strapping, mailroom
LoopPlus, tabletop strapping machine, strapper

LoopPlus Description:

Why Strapping?

Strapping is a multipurpose bundling method that provides strength and security when bundling a wide variety of products together. The protection that the Felins’ LoopPlus® Strapping Machine includes is often used to provide tamper proof security for applications such as currency in the banking and casino industries. This economical machine and material provides other benefits such as:


  • Easy to use
  • A small tabletop unit
  • Quiet running machine
  • Safe for use in an office or banking environment


There is an adjustable loop feature allowing you to bundle various size products. Learn more about the LoopPlus Strapping machine by viewing the documents on this page or sending us a question in the contact form.

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