Continuous Motion Automatic Shrink Wrapping

High speed shrink wrapping machine
Security overwrapping, shrink wrapping, booklets
Multipacking, shrink wrapping, chicken packs

Continuous Motion Automatic Shrink Wrapping Description:

Shrink wrap your products without ever pausing to seal.  This machine offers all the benefits of our other shrink film systems with the added ability to continuously feed it with conveyance at speeds of up to 120 fpm.  This machine is great for food applications or other processes that can’t stop for the cross seal.  If you’re looking to increase productivity and reduce labor costs to the maximum extent for wrapping products then the Continuous Motion Machine is the best option for you. Additional benefits include:


  • American Made Quality and Reliability
  • Easy To Set-up, Use and Maintain
  • Digital Operator Interface
  • Safety Interlock Guarding
  • Highly Versatile for Limitless Applications
  • Various Shrink Films Available (See Materials Tab Below)
  • Automation and Customization Options Available
  • Complimentary Operator and Service Training Available
  • World Class Local Service and Support


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