Automatic L-Bar Shrink Wrappers

AL Automatic L-Bar Shrink Wrapping Machine
Automatic L-Bar Shrink Wrapper
Shrink Wrapping Laundry
Security overwrapping, shrink wrapping, booklets

Automatic L-Bar Shrink Wrappers Description:

Finally, an affordable shrink wrapping system for smaller bundles.  These automatic and semi-automatic L-Bar Sealers and Shrink Tunnels are ideal for shrink wrapping bundles of all sorts.  The size is smaller than fully automated shrink systems, so it wraps and shrinks small items and fits into smaller footprints in your plant.  Consider shrink wrapping: 

  • Laundry bundles
  • Garment and Textile bundles
  • Pharmaceutical packages
  • Printed products
  • Consumer goods packaging 

Want to get started with shrink wrapping without the high cost?  Provide us with a few details in the contact form and we'll have an experienced packaging consultant show you how shrink wrapping can reduce your packaging material and labor costs.

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