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Tying Solutions Overview

Why Tying?

In 1921, Fred E. Lins had the innovative idea to create a simple to use, low cost method of bundling products together using tying materials. Today tying has expanded to include multiple models that specialize in tying for countless applications. Tying is the lowest cost bundling method available on the planet! Along with being the most economical form of bundling, tying has other benefits such as:


• Increase in productivity
• Reduced labor costs
• Variety of material options including twine, plastic, elastic, biodegradable, food grade, etc.
• Elimination of repetitive motion


Felins’ Tying machines include everything from stand alone semi-automatic tyers to fully automated inline tying systems. Learn more by selecting one of Felins tying models below or sending us a question in the form to the left.

Tie Coils, Tubing, Wire, Cable
Designed specifically for coils of hose, tubing, wire, and cable, this semi-automatic tying machine can eliminate the hassle of messy tapes or expensive twist ties and immediately improve your...
Mail Tray or Tub Bander
If you are involved in bundling bulk mail in flat tubs, mail trays, EMM, and ½ trays then the Tray/Tub Bander is the perfect solution for you.  As the most economical form of bundling on...
Offset Elastic Tying Machine
This innovative, advanced elastic tying machine is an excellent alternative to rubber banding and twist tying. Used heavily in the floral and agricultural markets this machine can be adapted to...
Bundling Made Easy.  Replace Rubber Band, Twist Ties, Hand Tying
These semi-automatic Pak-Tyer 2000 machines are highly versatile, reliable, and increase productivity. Use one of these machines to replace your current hand tying, rubber banding, zip tie or twist...
Semi-Automatic Product Tiers
These semi-automatic Rotary Pak-Tyers can provide a high tension and are available in a variety of sizes for use in a multitude of different industries. Additional features include:  ...
Stainless Steel Construction Tyer for Fresh, Raw Meats and Other Foods
If you are involved in commercial food processing this is the ideal semi-automatic tying machine.  It works great for tying roasts, poultry, vegetables, and more.  Designed to be wash down...
Unique Tyer Replaces Rubber Bands or Twine for Product Tags
This one of a kind tying machine significantly reduces the labor required to attach elastic twine to tags.  As an alternative to manually applying rubber bands or elastic twine to tags, the Pak-...
Dual Arm Pak-Tyer Doubles Efficiency
Double your efficiency by choosing the Pak-Tyer Tandem Tyer with a semi automatic, dual arm simultaneous tie.  Use these machines to replace your current hand tying, rubber banding, zip tie or...
Tyers Can be Placed into Custom Automation Systems
If you’re looking to achieve the optimal labor savings available, the Felins tying automated solutions are the right place to start.  With our years of experience and knowledgeable...

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