Stretch Film Banding Solutions

Tools handles secured with stretch film banding

Stretch Film Banding Solutions Overview

Why Stretch Film Banding?

The strength, gentleness and versatility of stretch film makes the Flex Strap System the perfect solution for a wide variety of bundling applications. You can control the wrapping tension of the material to fit the specific needs of your product. The combination of this feature and the qualities of the stretch film material will hold products firmly together and not cause damage to your product. In addition this machine:


• Creates a heat seal assuring the material will stay bundled without unraveling
• Can be set for spiral banding to secure irregular lengths
• Increases productivity
• Uses economical material
• Can be used in automation
• Unitizes irregular shapes


Learn more about the variety of sizes and customization options from the stretch film models below or sending us a question in the form to the left.

Stretch Film Banding is Versatile
A unique alternative form of bundling, these semi-automatic heavy duty stretch film banding machines securely bundle and protect your products. With its capability to prevent unwrapping while in...
Flex Strap Machine for Large Bundles
All of the same features that come with the XL-110 & XL-24 are now available to bundle larger products using this new machine model, making the Flex Strap series even more versatile than ever....
Automated Flex Strap
If you’re interested in increasing productivity and reducing labor costs to the fullest extent then take stretch film banding to the next step with full automation. With our years of experience...

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