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Shrink Wrapping Solutions Overview

Why Shrink Wrapping?

Our passion for increased productivity in packaging is exemplified in Felins’ line of Shrink Wrapping Machines. As an alternative to bagging and hand wrapping, the automatic nature of these machines eliminates bottlenecks and reduces labor costs the moment they are powered up. Your products can be automatically conveyed into the machines with no assistance from an operator required. The transparent film showcases your products and the shrink feature results in an easy to handle product that looks great when it arrives at your customer. In addition:


• Your products are protected from dirt and debris
• Products of varying size can be processed with no changeover to the machine
• The machine can provide continuous motion for high speed applications


Learn more about the variety of machine features by selecting one of Felins’ Shrink Wrapping models below or sending us a question in the form to the left.

Automatic L-Bar Shrink Wrapper
Finally, an affordable shrink wrapping system for smaller bundles.  These automatic and semi-automatic L-Bar Sealers and Shrink Tunnels are ideal for shrink wrapping bundles of all...
Fully Automated Wrapping Systems
These fully automated wrapping systems offer complete protection for your product while keeping it secure and fully visible. These machines can wrap everything from egg trays to laundry and...
High volume, continuous motion, shrink wrapping machine
Shrink wrap your products without ever pausing to seal.  This machine offers all the benefits of our other shrink film systems with the added ability to continuously feed it with conveyance at...
Fully Automated Wrapping Machine
Specializing in bundling textile products, the Felins TP-200 and TP-300 Automatic Wrapping Machines are the perfect solution to wrapping unique product sizes together. As an alternative to...
Model 60 wide bed wrapping machine for product up to 60 inches wide
Bringing you all the same features as the 17, 22, and 30 Models along with the ability to bundle wider products (up to 60”) makes the Model 60 machine even more versatile then before. This...

"This is a remarkable machine.  It will wrap whatever you put through it."  - Matt Tolliver, Plant Manager, Model Linen


"It's amazing how quickly a business changes.  Our backlog went away in about and hour."  - Paul Kramer, CEO, City Uniforms and Linen

After installing and starting up the Felins Automatic Shrink Wrapping system with traffic control, City Uniforms and Linen were able to clean up their backlog along with Delivering Image® their way.

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