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Barcoded Bands for Track and Trace Compliance

Medical, Pharmacy & Cosmetics


Forethought to packaging and unitizing of products can eliminate or reduce materials, equipment, energy, labor, and transportation.  The right bundling solutions can also help with track and trace compliance and security of pharmaceutical products while addressing sustainability efforts. 


Felins Bundling Solutions include banding that eliminates much of the unnecessary inner packing while it provides printer capabilities for bar codes, lot numbers, dates, and more.   Other bundling options can offer significant advantages as well.  Tying, wrapping and even latex-free rubber banding round out our bundling offerings to this unique needs industry.

Felins has experience with:

  • Printed bands on pharmaceutical secondary packaging for bar coding and traceability compliance coding
  • Banding surgical packs
  • Tying and wrapping hospital laundry and medical trays
  • Securing medical tubing and clam shells
  • Packaging and tying motors and pumps used in medical settings 


Our latex-free Automatic Rubber Banding Machine is a great solution when allergens are

a problem.  We can also paper banded medical records.  


Provide us with a few details on the contact form so an experienced packaging

consultant can show you how Felins bundling solutions will reduce your packaging material and

labor costs.


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