Laundry and Hospitality Packaging Solutions

Laundry Facility Manages Pak-Out with Automation

Laundry & Hospitality


Commercial Laundries gain incredible efficiencies with our tying, shrink-wrapping and

bundling automation.  Using our stand alone, semi-automatic or fully automated solutions,
we can transform your business from chaos to cash.



We help our customers package everything from high end hospitality linens, to shop towels,
sanitized hospital linens and even rolled rugs.  Our systems tie, shrink wrap, control product

flow and even make the bundle a brand worthy presentation.



Automation is our specialty.  Your facility will increase PPOH [pounds per operator hour],

manage bundles better, save labor costs, and maintain a quality image.



Provide us with a few details on the contact form and we’ll have an experienced
packaging consultant show you how Felins bundling solutions can reduce your

packaging material and labor costs.

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First Laundry Wrapper - In Service 10 Years Later

Model Linen Supply of Ogden Utah, a family owned business began operating in 1917.  The company supplies hospitality linens, uniforms, medical linen, and janitorial and sanitary supplies throughout Utah, Southeast Idaho and southern Wyoming.  The company processes 500,000 pounds of laundry each week.


Experience and Knowhow


Model Linen had three (3) people hand...

- First Laundry Wrapper - In Service 10 Years Later

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Laundry & Hospitality Solutions

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