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Growers and wholesalers find major efficiencies with the Felins® bundling options.  Grading and bunching time is greatly reduced compared to hand rubber banding, hand tying or twist tying, taping, or other forms of securing bunches or bouquets. 

The operator can gently secure a bunch of vegetables or flowers and add plastic sleeves along with plant food packets.


Felins Off-Set Pak-Tyer® is used in many aspects of the agricultural industry to:


  • Bundle onions, herbs, lettuce and other produce
  • Tie bare roots
  • Bunch bouquets, stems, greens, other floral material
  • Tie Indian Corn


Other solutions include automatic rubber banding machine (ARB) for fresh produce growers,
(bunch green onions), and banders for packaging fresh herbs in clam shells or plastic pouches.


Process speed helps our customers meet volume demands and the gentle elastic ties or precise tension banders decrease product waste by holding products securely yet gently so stems, blooms and foliage are not damaged during transit.


Provide us with a few details in the contact form and we’ll have an experienced packaging consultant show you how Felins bundling solutions can reduce your packaging material and labor costs.


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Agriculture & Floral Solutions

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