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Founder: Fred E Lins

In 1921, Fred E Lins invented an efficient way to tie sausage links and leveraged his invention to start a revolutionary new packaging company. Fred’s never ending drive for continuous improvement and efficiency is what still motivates us today. Our passion for creating alternative, sustainable packaging solutions gives our customers a competitive advantage. 


From Tying Technology to Sustainable Packaging Solutions


Since 1921, we've expanded on Fred's tying technology and now offer solutions including: 

  • Paper and plastic banding (heat-seal and ultrasonic)
  • Automatic rubber banding
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Strapping
  • Stretch film
  • Tying (of course!)


These solutions range from easy-to-use table top units to fully automated and custom engineered, high speed systems. Our application experts will consult with you to determine the best solution for your needs.

Circa 1922 Pak-Tyer

Our bundling solutions use less packaging material and space than traditional packaging methods and help reduce labor costs.


Since 1921, we've placed a strong focus on innovative, sustainable bundling. That's why our customers continue to look to us for the best solutions for their operations.


Today, we're still located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but have global reach. We work with Global Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 giants across a variety of industries.


We'd love to help you reduce costs and improve efficiency with a Felins solution!





Felins Mission and Values

"We provide bundling equipment and materials to reduce packaging mass and help save the enviroment! We deliver world class customer service and a better overall alternative for our customers. We believe in our team, our products and our ability to provide our customers with the best sustainable solution for their application!"


Felins Core Values

  • Reliability/Accountability/Dependability (be RAD) 
  • Have FUN! 
  • Continuous Improvement (create, innovate and excel personally and as a team) 
  • Honesty & Integrity 
  • Candor with Care (be honest and direct but never mean or hurtful) 
  • Customer Commitment (internal and external)


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