Wholesale Florist Adds Value to Bunches

Krueger Wholesale Florist, Inc.
Rothschild, WI




Krueger Wholesale Florist, Inc. is one of the largest floral distributors in the Midwest, supplying florists and mass market store chains with the finest in fresh cut flowers, greens, botanicals and floral supplies. Besides growing their own lilies and snapdragons, the company receives cold chain flowers from South America and California growers.


Krueger Wholesale Florist grades and bunches their lilies and snapdragons on the premises and ties the stems and sleeves with a Felins® Offset Pak-Tyer® providing added protection with a secure bunch and sleeve.


Note: BEFORE USING THE FELINS PAK-TYER®, KRUEGER WHOLESALE FLORIST was using twist-ties, rubber bands, and staplers to secure their bunches and sleeves, which caused damage to both stems and blooms.






Seth Fochs, COO of Krueger Wholesale Florist was visiting a main supplier in Colombia when he found the Pak-Tyer being used at the flower grower’s farm. "When I was touring flower farms in Colombia, I found this tying machine was being used by one of my largest growers," he said, "and then found out it was manufactured right here in my home state."


Seth saw how productive the workers were on the flower farm and knew the tying machine could do the same for his operation. When he had a demo machine delivered to his greenhouse in Rothschild, Wisconsin, the grading staff was skeptical, but agreed to try it. After using it for a week or so, they told Mr. Fochs, "If you take the Pak-Tyer away from us, we’ll quit," he recalls with a smile.


NOTE: IN THE FLOWER WHOLESALE BUSINESS, time is of the utmost importance for freshness. The Pak-Tyer® saves time and prevents damage to the stems and blooms.






The Felins Offset Pak-Tyers have been in place in the Krueger Wholesale Florist greenhouse for over seven years. The greenhouse bunches thousands of 3, 5, and 10 stem bouquets a day, especially at busy times such as Valentine’s, Easter and Mother’s Day. The staff places a tie on the stems, slips on the protective sleeve and ties it onto the bunch in just a few easy steps. Because the machine does the tying, repetitive motion injuries are a thing of the past. 


According to Krueger Wholesale Florist, tying the plastic sleeve onto the bunch protects the stems and flower blooms from damage. In fact, Mr. Fochs explained it is considered a ‘value add’ to his customers, especially the grocery stores. When bunches of stems are set out for retail, shoppers tend to pull on the sleeve, but the tie holds the sleeve in place so the blooms are not damaged from handling.



Krueger likes the tying method for several reasons:

  • Automatic elastic tying quickly secures the stems
  • Automatic elastic tying quickly secures the protective sleeves in place
  • There are no repetitive motion worries that result from rubber banding and twist tying
  • It is fast and efficient
  • The solution is economical




Krueger Wholesale Florist uses the Pak-Tyer with few problems. Their maintenance department performs weekly preventative maintenance by simply cleaning and oiling the machine. When the blade cutter becomes dull, it is replaced with a new one. The maintenance supervisor believes it is one of the easiest pieces of equipment they currently maintain.


According to Krueger Wholesale Florist, the Pak-Tyer saves time and assures product quality by protecting the flowers. It is easy to maintain and has performed above expectations giving many years of service.




Krueger Wholesale Florist receives product from many South American and California growers that still rubber band, tape, or twist tie their stems.    These methods can be time consuming, increasing labor costs and the cost of the product, and it can cause damage to the stems and blooms.


Seth Fochs stated "I think every grower should consider using this machine. I would consider it a value-add."