First Laundry Wrapper - In Service 10 Years Later

First Laundry Wrapper - In Service 10 Years Later

Model Linen Supply of Ogden Utah, a family owned business began operating in 1917.  The company supplies hospitality linens, uniforms, medical linen, and janitorial and sanitary supplies throughout Utah, Southeast Idaho and southern Wyoming.  The company processes 500,000 pounds of laundry each week.


Experience and Knowhow


Model Linen had three (3) people hand wrapping linen bundles and Matt Toliver, Plant Manager, knew he needed a more effiecient way to bundle that could also lower the likelhood of worker injury.  The only problem?  He needed it to handle many different sized linen bundles. 


When Matt began looking for a more automated soltution, he worked with Felins, after seeing the equipment at a Clean Show.  The laundry wrapper was installed at Model Linen’s facility and Matt worked with the technicians to perfect the shrink wrapping machine, adjusting and tweeking it to successfully handle the unique requirements in an industrial laundry.  With Matt’s help, a solution was developed that has lasted for over 10 years in his facilty and been adapted by countless other facilities in the US, Canada and Mexico.


Prototype Installed and Tested


After some trial-and-error, his patience payed off.  Because real-laundry facility experience was important, the manuafacturng representatives and engineers buzzed around the machine for more than 6 months testing and perfecting it’s performance. The result:  a machine that is ‘remarkable’ according to Matt.  It wraps different size bundles without a problem and does more than 18 bundles per minute in his facility.


To this day, Model Linen uses that same machine and shrink film because it’s important to be able to rely on the quality of the wrap and the up-time of the entire system. 


The wrapping system is efficient and allows Model Linen to provide a quality, clean bundle to all their customers.



Felins Complete Solution


Installed with all the components needed to wrap, shrink and convey laundry bundles through the plant, these components work together to keep laundry bundles off the ironers and folders moving smoothly through the bagging and wrapping process.  “It’s not that complicated of a machine,” Matt Toliver explains.  “It’s easy to keep running, with minimal maintenance.  This is a remarkable machine will wrap whatever you put through it.  It handles different sized bundles with ease.”


Products and Services Provided by Felins


The bundling system at Model Linen consists of:

1.    Wrapper – aka Bagger

2.    Corner conveyers 

3.    Shrink tunnel

4.    Traffic control system

5.    Transfer conveyors


In addition to all the machines and components listed, all controls and communication cables, the package included installation and start-up as well as operations and service training. 


Model Linen maintains the equipment keeping it in great running shape.  If there is ever a need, Felins offers complete technical phone or email help and training as well as technician visits.


The Right Solution


Because the system has reliably run for over 10 years, the wrapping system has more than paid for itself throughout the years. 


Matt Toliver often hosts colleagues to show them how efficient this system is and how easily it runs and is maintained.  “I would recommend the machine,” he says, and I do recommend it - Often.”